Monumental Myths: 5 Common Misconceptions About Memorials

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Selecting a memorial is a process in which many people are unfamiliar.  We’re here to help clarify these five common myths about memorials.

My loved one is cremated, so I don’t need a memorial – FALSE

Increasingly, families are unsure what to do with their loved one’s ashes. Many families prefer to keep the ashes at home; however, this option often deprives other family and friends from being able to grieve and reflect.  A public spot of reflection is always the best choice. This will preserve your loved one’s memory for many generations and greatly contribute to the healing process. Creative cremation memorial options are also available for the home and garden.

I cannot afford a memorial – FALSE

Have you talked to a reliable memorial counselor about prices yet? We understand that price is a concern, and our team of experienced artists can create a personalized memorial for any budget without sacrificing quality. Pre-planning your memorial can also save much money in the long run.

I can get the same monument from someone else – FALSE

Every monument created is individually crafted, and any work is only as good as the artist. Our artists have trained with the top designers in the industry, and over 107 years, Brown Memorials has mastered the art of memorial design.  A Brown Memorial is the best quality available, and all of our work is guaranteed. We offer monuments from grave markers to estate monuments

I need to wait a year for the grave to settle – FALSE

Did you know that an upright headstone should not be directly on top of the grave? It should be above the head of the grave.  Even so, very rarely is grave settling a concern when installing a memorial. We use a very extensive foundation under all of our upright headstones, and guarantee your memorial not to tilt, lean, or sink into the ground.

It’s just a stone, I don’t have a need for a memorial – FALSE

A memorial is far more than a means of marking a final resting place. It is a symbol of devotion. It is a tangible expression of the noblest of all human emotions: LOVE. It should not reflect sorrow, but rather the long years of warmth and affection. A memorial is built because there was life, not death. A personalized memorial tribute will bring great comfort in a time of grief. Computers can crash, ink will fade, but a personalized stone memorial will last forever.

Don’t be fooled by these monumental myths. Getting started is as easy as speaking with one of our certified memorial counselors. Contact us today!