The Memorial Planning Process

Memorial Planning Service

The memorial industry has greatly changed over the past twenty years.  The increase in computer technology has contributed to a surplus of unqualified dealers and cemeteries offering headstones through design software and mass produced catalogs.  In the same way a good word processing app doesn’t make anyone a great writer, neither does design software make anyone a great designer. Your loved one’s story cannot be told with the click of a mouse or a catalog number.

While Brown Memorials has always used the most advanced tools and techniques, we understand that true design is inspired by the life of the individual(s) being remembered. No two people are alike, and each headstone should be an artistic expression to represent the lives of our loved ones.

Our memorial planning process begins with a free consultation.  Families can meet with a memorial counselor at one of our two convenient locations which feature over 200 monuments of all shapes, sizes, and materials.  Our memorial counselors also travel, and home appointments may be scheduled if preferred. We can also work with families over the phone, or via email correspondence.

Often times a headstone can be finalized in as little as 20-30 minutes.  In other cases, we allow our artists time to draw out color renderings based on several factors determined during the initial consultation.  Brown Memorials has always been able to provide the best quality and design at the most affordable price. You will find no better value.

Once the design has been finalized, the fabrication begins.  We keep a large amount of material in stock and are often receiving new shipments direct from the quarry.

A large majority of monument dealers order their work directly from third party suppliers and have no hand in the carving process. At Brown Memorials, we perform the full carving process at our Florence facility which allows us to oversee the quality and care that goes into each memorial.

When the carving is completed, a trip is planned to install the memorial.  The typical time frame for the entire process is 6-8 weeks, but can vary depending on the complexity and availability of materials.

For 110 years now, Brown Memorials has been offering our memorial planning services to families like yours.  We will be glad to speak with you and show you just how we can create a personalized tribute to your loved one’s life. View our work from grave markers to estate monuments. Contact us or call us 843.662.6378.