Memorials FAQs

What is the price of a headstone? Expand

We produce everything from small grave markers to large imposing monuments, and so the simple answer is a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.  A better question to ask is, “What are my options and how much do I want to spend?”

At Brown Memorials, we will educate you on your headstone options, and then help you determine a budget to meet your needs.  We can work within any budget, and guarantee the best design and quality for every price range. There is no better value.

Would you like more info about headstone designs and prices? Click here to access our Memorial Headstone Price Guide

What’s included in the price? Expand

All of our upright monument prices include installation on an extensive concrete foundation, and we guarantee our work to never tilt, lean or settle into the ground, or we will fix it at no charge to you.  Engraving of the names and dates of birth and passing are also included.

Should I buy from an online gravestone retailer? Expand

Most often, your best choice is in working directly with a regional memorial specialist.  While an online gravestone price may appear less, it typically does not take into account the cost of installation.  Not to mention, you will often spend more time than is necessary in coordinating the delivery and installation.

If your regional gravestone retailer is not able to to fulfill your desires or lacks professionalism and competence, then working with a gravestone retailer online may be a good option.  

One thing is for certain, you should never settle for a memorial.  This is something done only once, so work with a company you know will provide you with the best options, produce a quality headstone, and stand behind their work.  We are glad to offer our services nationally, and can ship memorials anywhere in the continental United States. Speak with one of our memorial specialists today, and learn how we can create a compelling tribute beyond your wildest imagination.

What are my cremation memorial options? Expand

A memorial represents life, not death, and cremation is merely another means to prepare the body for a permanent memorial.  If you or a loved one are considering cremation, do not limit yourself by thinking that your memorial has to be any different.  In fact, some of the nicest and most personalized memorials that we have produced in recent years have been for those who chose cremation.  In early 2018, one of our designs for a family in rural Dillon, SC was awarded the Best Cremation Monument in North America by the MBNA. View the design here. (pop up of the the Bethea monument)

Families who choose cremation may save $10,000 – $15,000 compared to traditional burial expenses, and many are choosing to put that savings toward a personalized cremation monument, preserving their family’s story for generations to come.  How do you want to be remembered?

How long does it take to install? Expand

The average time to install any standard memorial is 6 – 10 weeks.  At Brown Memorials, we specialize in highly detailed, expertly crafted memorials, and some projects may require additional time to achieve the best result. On the other hand, we keep about 250 various memorial products in stock, and can often have these produced and installed within a matter of days or weeks.  

Whatever the case, we will provide you with an estimated installation time, and can let you know your options if you’re looking to meet a certain deadline.

How and when do I pay? Expand

We accept all major forms of payment including cash, check, debit, and credit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express).  Most families prefer to pay in full, up front, typically with a check so they can close out the estate and not be bothered with a bill down the road.  Paying with cash or check can also save you money, as credit or debit payments for any project totaling $3,000 or more will incur a 3% surcharge.

For families who live in our Select Region, we offer a half and half payment procedure.  Once half the project total is put down, we will process, produce, and install the gravestone.  The remaining half is due upon the gravestone’s installation.

We also offer a layaway payment plan for those who prefer to make payments over a period of time.  With this option, we will divide the gravestone total into equal monthly payments for up to 12 months with no interest or additional fees.  Once paid in full, we will produce and install the gravestone.

Do I need to wait to install the monument or headstone? Expand

If your concern is that the grave may settle, then the answer is no.  In fact, for a large portion of the family headstones that we produce, one or both of the individuals are still living.  Grave settling is not as common as it once was, and we install all of our upright monuments (estate, civic & veteran) and headstones on an extensive concrete foundation.  We’ve stood by our work for over 110 years now and will continue to guarantee our work. If your headstone ever settles, then we would correct it at no charge to you.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, and feel emotionally or mentally drained, then the answer is yes.  One of the biggest mistakes that a family can make is purchasing a headstone before they are ready, or before speaking to a specialist with a full time commitment to designing and producing memorials.

What if there is an issue? Expand

Our work is not done until you are completely satisfied.  If there is any flaw or mistake of our own, then we will work to correct it.  We value your honesty and feedback.

What’s the difference between you and others who sell monuments? Expand

It is not very difficult to find others who sell cemetery monuments.  In fact, many cemeteries and funeral homes have started to sell their own monuments simply to maximize their revenue.  If a cemetery or funeral home tries to sell you a headstone, ask them which monument retailer produces their work. If they say they produce their own work, then get out!  Cemeteries and funeral homes specialize in many things, but seldom true memorial design. If you think that you can get the same quality craftsmanship and service anywhere, think again.

Do I need to be present for the installation? Expand

Seldom is it necessary to be present for the installation of the memorial.  Our setting crew are experienced professionals, and can efficiently install the majority of memorials as long as we have good directions and can find the grave space.  During our design consultation, we address the memorial’s location and will often pinpoint it on a cemetery map to assure that no issues arise during the installation. You can help us by taking pictures of the grave space in relation to the surrounding cemetery and by acquiring the cemetery’s physical address.

Do I need to be present to purchase? Expand

No!  We work with families all over the world, and can handle everything remotely.  How would you prefer to correspond? We’re glad to oblige!

Why should I pre-plan my memorial? Expand

Memorial pre-planning is becoming increasingly popular amongst those who care about their family legacy.  By pre-planning, you can select the memorial elements that are most important to you. It does represent your life, and who knows your tastes better than you?

It can also save you money.  Like everything else, inflation increases memorial prices every year.  Buying your memorial now could save you thousands.

Neglecting to pre-plan will often leave behind a burdensome task for children and other family members.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen families struggle with a decision for years, simply because no pre-plans were made.

Still have a question? Ask below and we’ll get back to you soon!